8 Ingredients for Awesome Promotional Products & Gifts

Read this fabulous Small Business Trends post by Anita Campbell to get the low down on how to make sure your promotional …

Read this fabulous Small Business Trends post by Anita Campbell to get the low down on how to make sure your promotional products are absolutely awesome.

“It’s no wonder that promotional gifts for clients are so popular. Promotional gifts are a $2.2 billion industry (PDF) according to the Promotional Products Association International.

Corporate gifts have the power to please clients and prospects by showing you’re thinking of them. Done well, they also make your business more memorable. They help convey what your brand stands for — be it playfulness, creativity, productivity or something else.

I have kept promotional gifts from vendors for years if they were unique. I love them.

Now, I’m not talking about your everyday swag gifts here. There’s certainly a place for simple swag — such as a coffee mug showing your product and a cute saying, or a reuseable tote bag with your brand logo on it. Swag is great for trade show giveaways. I’ve kept simple swag items that appeal to me, too.

But the promotional gifts that really make an impression on me are those that go beyond the standard branded promotional items.”

Read the full article here on Small Business Trends.


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