Does glassware improve the flavour of your drink?

Can you tell the difference between a glass of Dom Perignon and Mumm Brut? How about between a lager and a craft …

Can you tell the difference between a glass of Dom Perignon and Mumm Brut? How about between a lager and a craft beer, or a can of pepsi & coca cola? Some people would argue they can definitely taste the difference between similar drinks – but what about when the same drink is poured into two different glasses, can glassware make a difference to the flavour?

According to the UKs first Beer Sommelier “the shape of a glass can definitely affect the taste and drinking experience” The rim of the glass is especially important says Jane Peyton “Narrow mouthed rims encourage sipping and so the beer reaches the front and sides of the tongue first, where sweetness and acidity register. A wide mouthed rim encourages glugging which directs the beer to the back of the tongue where bitterness registers.”

Does the shape of the glass affect the speed we drink?

If you are the type of person who has finished their drink before anyone else is ready for the next round, then a solution might be to ask the bartender for a straight glass rather than round or curved. A research team from Bristol University have found that the shape of the glass can impact the speed in which we drink. From the 160 people studied 60% were slower when drinking out of a straight beer glass than those drinking for a curved one. Learn more about straight vs. curved glassware

The perfect glass for the perfect beer – a bonus for breweries marketing plan

Because the glassware can affect the taste of beer and how slowly or quickly it is consumed, this is the perfect opportunity for breweries to brand glassware to sell or giveaway with their products. Take a look at some of our glassware options below or get in touch with our team on 0800 230 430 to discuss all the different glassware options we can offer.

Jugs & Carafes

Present your summer pimms or pink lemonade in a stunning jug, just top up with ice and seasonal fruit for the perfect outdoor party.




Cocktail glasses

Shaken not stirred is the key to a delicious cocktail, try dusting the rim with salt or sugar depending on your cocktail of choice.

Wine glasses

A glassware staple in most households, nothing beats a good quality set of matching wine glasses. We also offer branded wine from New Zealand vineyards. Check out our alcohol section online.



If you like your drink neat or on the rocks, these tumblers can accommodate.



Beer glasses

Pour yourself an ice cold beer into a glass with or without a stem – the choice is yours


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