Keep on top our trade show & expo promotion with this checklist

We’ve gathered together some of the best tips for making a lasting impression at your next trade show or industry expo so that you …

We’ve gathered together some of the best tips for making a lasting impression at your next trade show or industry expo so that you your stand stands out!

Create an expo / trade show brief

Be clear on your key messages for the event audience. Say one thing and say it well. This will lead to other conversations!

Look at how you can measure success – what KPIs will you use? Showing measurable success will help justify investment in your next expo or trade show.

What do you need to be able to do in your trade show stand? Do you need room to sit and talk, showcase products, games, interactive displays, computers or LCD screens?

What ‘look’ or theme are you going for, and what display materials do you need to make your trade show booth stand out?

Your trade show stand

Choose a trade show stand design that scales to fit different dimension booths – and use high quality materials so you can use it again and again.

Get a great location – book early to nab the best spot!

Use clear signage. Say what you do ‘at a glance’.

Giveaways that inspire interest

Some of the best expo giveaways are sent before the expo even begins to generate interest! Put some thought into promotional giveaways to ensure that they work hard for your company!

You can choose to have lots of cost-effective promo giveaways on your stand – or have fewer higher quality gifts that allow you to create some real hype! Use a game or a expo competition to get exposure for your promotional gifts and leverage your marketing dollar.

Interaction is key

Demo your product, run games, have interactive elements to your stand. Invite people in and ensure that your booth area is open so that visitors to the expo can walk in and spend some time.

Touchscreens and other technology are useful ways to encourage interaction on your stand, and can serve a dual purpose as display tools.

Be social

Get online and stay engaged. The event audience will see your activity and may interact online. The event organisers will be pleased to have extra material and are likely to push your activity to their wider audience. Use the event hashtag!

Be creative

This blog post from The Entreprenette Gazette gathers up hundreds of tips from experts for your trade show or expo stand.

Expo and trade show display materials

Small promo flags

Full colour printed promotional flags for fans and supporters are a great way to colour the stands with your branding and message.

They are especially popular with sports fans and children, and work well at outdoor events.

Large advertising flags

These large polyester flags are printed with UV resistant inks and at 300cm x 120cm they will be seen easily!

A 4.5 metre high pole is included.

Breeze barriers

These branded barriers are often used for cafes to screen off areas for tables and chairs on the footpath or walkway, but they are also very effective for trade shows and expos.

At 1800mm x 850mm these barriers provide a large, highly visible branding area and are printed on both sides.

Feather banners

Feather banners come in a range of sizes and offer highly visible branding for trade show and expo displays. Printed with UV resistant inks in full colour, these expo flags will stand out brilliantly at any event.

Crippz supply stands and bases for all banners provided in our huge range. We also stock water weights to hold them steady in outdoor situations.

Teardrop banners

The very popular teardrop banner range will last for ages with full color sublimation printing using UV-resistant inks.

Talk to our team for a quick turn around on event and expo flags and banners.

Brand your team

As part of our event clothing range Crippz provide a huge range of promotional caps, hats and beanies and promo tshirts, polos and singlets – as well as any other custom or corporate clothing you need to make sure your team represent your brand perfectly on the stand!


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