Launching to the stars, with a vintage twist

The wait is over, Boost Promotions has launched its new brand and website to New Zealand businesses. Boost promotions set themselves the …

The wait is over, Boost Promotions has launched its new brand and website to New Zealand businesses.

Boost promotions set themselves the task of redefining what promotional companies mean to New Zealanders. The business formerly known as Crippz Promotions has been a main stayer in the promotions industry for almost 30 years, with the company (like the industry) changing drastically in the last five. The business structure of Boost has evolved to incorporate a full marketing team, in-house creative services and internal sourcing capabilities. The shining armour of account managers remains a mainstay, but the business has recently focused more on the customer experience; with the development and custom-adaption of an online quoting system unlike any other in New Zealand. These changes were also the catalyst for a name change. “It’s been months that have flowed over to years of planning, development and fine tuning our internal processes that have led to this point.” explains Boost Marketing Manager.

The new Boost Promotions website that was recently launched employs a search functionality to search and filter thousands of products online by type, colour, size, gender, quantity, price and branding option – resulting in an online generated interactive and downloadable proposal. Creating a streamlined user experience allows the agency to lock down the general ordering capabilities of the business to focus on an increasingly creative and solutions-based industry.

Boost are corporate partners to some of New Zealand’s largest and well-known companies. The agency has a reputation for forming relationships based on trust, understanding of client objectives and leveraging solutions attributable to growth. While digital channels boom, a counter interest in the tangible has seen companies such as Boost expand in recent years. The space for physical-digital interaction also enables promotional agencies to develop increasingly unique concepts which drive engagement. Client-side, many brand managers see promotional products as a sturdy high-return on investment sector for advertising dollars.

In addition to seeking ways to improve their standing and raise the overall level of the industry Boost has also most recently joined forces with iconic kiwi brand Mr Vintage. Mr. Vintage operates under the same roof bringing Boost’s custom creative capabilities further in-house.

There is so much to explore online at or for further promotional product and branding advice speak to our experts today on 0800 230 430


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