Promotional product ideas that pack a punch

What are the right promotional product for your business? We’d love to talk about your promotional goals and recommend the perfect promo …

What are the right promotional product for your business?

We’d love to talk about your promotional goals and recommend the perfect promo products or custom made promo items – or you can browse our online range now.

But to get those creative juices flowing, here is a list of creative ideas to get a little more from your marketing budget.

That old favourite, branded mugs, is not going anywhere. But don’t be a mug – choose a really nice mug. Make it slightly bigger or better than all the usual mugs, so it’s the one everyone tries to nab. Apply branding tastefully. Is it relevant to have a funny message or uplifting quote? Go one step further than banging your web address on it. We have Google now.


Kit your team out generously. A comfortable polo with an embroidered logo will get a lot more wear and make them feel more appreciated (and look smarter!) than a thin, badly cut printed Tshirt. Add relevant branded headwear as needed.

Know your target. If you are a lawyer, custom shaped stress balls may be perfect. An accountant? Give a tin of jellybeans and let them pun to their heart’s content. A vet? Pop pet snacks into branded custom jars and reward your client’s favourite furry critters.


Deep in corporate New Zealand? Pens are still king of desktop promo. Make yours stand out. Be their favourite with a high class pen and let them know that your brand stands for quality, credibility and style.

Rewarding a team? Nothing creates an office frenzy and is as shareable as yummy goodie bags! Pack a custom hamper with treats and send it off to be enjoyed by the whole business. Make sure your branding will still be seen by the ones who are late to the lunchroom!

Get in the goodie bag! Create a promotional giveaway that ties into the theme of the event and pay to have it in all the attendees goodie bags so they take home a little reminder of your brand.

Off to the trade show? Target your audience beforehand with a promo item that will bring them to see you to enter a prize draw. Create a theme – if it is music give away tote bags printed with notes and hand out Elton John glitter glasses and packets of custom promo gum with music download codes printed on them.

Hitting the golf course for a customer reward tournament? Hand out caps, sunblock and shirts so they remember the day.

We can offer an incredible range of promotional items online now – but if you have the time to talk, we’d love to help you choose the best promo products and branding strategy for your company, to make sure you get the ultimate impact!


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